The Basics

Professional Sound Reinforcement Services providing 5,500+ watts house and up to 12 discrete monitor sends; wired and wireless vocal mics, instrumental mics, plus available backline equipment including drums, keyboards, and bass rig. Indoor or outdoor, live bands, house of worship, theatrical and recorded-for-TV event experience.

Why 'Not the DJ'?

We specialize in LIVE events, with LIVE bands, and most of the time there's more than one band at each event. So when someone walks up and asks if I'm the DJ (almost every time, by the way) it always makes me chuckle. Well, that inside joke started to sound catchy, so, here we are...

Meet the Team

It takes a special kind of person to be able to untangle all those wires, setup all that equipment, and know what all those knobs do. Here are the guys who get it done.

Oliver Phillips

Owner & Engineer

I've always been into technology and music. I've added to my knowledge set by pursuing an education in electronics, securing a full understanding of all aspects of the equipment I operate and maintain. This is the foundation on which I build my business.

Lou Rogers


Bio coming soon!

John Tatum


Bio coming soon!